The pastorate of Rev. Samuel Andrew Dyberg (see page 55), which had a most auspicious opening, was terminated in about nine months by the failing health of the pastor. Mr. Dyberg labored earnestly for the upbuilding of the ancient Society, occupied a large place in the affections of his people, and was highly esteemed by the entire community. He reluctantly quitted his labors in this town in the fall of 1891, carrying away abundant and substantial evidences of the love of his people and confidence of the Unitarian denomination of the state of Massachusetts.

The name of Uriah Goodwin should be added to the list of deacons of the Unitarian church (page 55).


The renovation of the meeting-house of the First Parish (page 55) was completed in the early months of 1892. [^1] By these changes the spacious galleries, no longer of use in the service of worship, were transformed into rooms for social purposes, and the auditorium was artistically returned to somewhat of its original design.


The Union School House (page 109) was dedicated on Dec. 31, 1891, with program as follows:

Music by Bedford Cornet Band.
Singing by school children.
Reading of Scripture by Rev. Edwin Smith.
Dedicatory Prayer by Rev. James Sallaway.
Solo by Arthur Buttrick, of Boston.
Formal Delivery of Keys by Wallace G. Webber, Chairman of Building Committee, to Oliver J. Lane, Chairman of Selectmen, and by him to Rev. Edwin Smith, Chairman of School Board.
Address, “Bedford Schools and School Houses.” by Abram English Brown.
Solo by Arthur Buttrick, of Boston.
Address by George A. Walton, of State Board of Education.
Singing by school children.
Remarks by Revs. Edwin Smith, James Sallaway and George F. Piper; Lewis T. McKenney, Supervisor of Schools; Hon. Jonathan A. Lane, a son of the town, who tendered the gift of a clock for the use of the schools; Mrs. Martha Hill Sage, a native of the town and a former teacher.
Singing, “America.”
Benediction by Rev. D. W. Richardson.



MARCH, Aaron H. (see page 62), died Oct. 25, 1891, aged 85 years, 3 months. He was one of four children of Joshua March and Judith Hodgkins, born at Walpole, N.H. [^2]

He went when a young man to Boston, where he established himself in business. He married in 1835 Mary J. Shedd, a woman of excellent qualities, who died April 6, 1885. They had seven children. Having accumulated a competency, he retired from business and settled in Bedford in 1865, where he passed the remainder of his life, enjoying the respect and confidence of the people. He was a member of the Board of Selectmen in 1875-6. When, in April 1877, the question arose of providing a room for the Bedford Free Public Library, [^3] Mr. March tendered the free use of a suitable building for that purpose. This was gratefully accepted, and the generous act was annually repeated during his life, a period of almost fifteen years. The cash value of this gratuity cannot be rated less than thirteen hundred dollars, — a larger sum than the town has ever received from any individual by the way of gift.


HUCKINS, Samuel W., (see page 63) died Feb. 8, 1892, aged 74 years. Mr. Huckins settled on the Samuel Lane share of the Winthrop Farm (see page 103) about the year 1870, and there spent the remainder of his life. His good judgment prompted his townsmen to honor him with various offices, in which he was a faithful servant of the town.


LANE, Oliver W. (Gen. Sec., page 21), was a deacon of the first Universalist Church of Boston, house of worship in Bennett Street. He presided at the installation of Rev. John Murray as pastor of that church Oct, 23, 1793, “in a very appropriate and affecting manner.”

Oliver Wellington Lane,^5 m. Oct. 23, 1784, Susannah Newman, and d. Nov. 3, 1793. Ch. James Bowdoin,^6 b. Aug. 4, 1785. Augustus Frederick,^6 b. Aug. 12, 1787. Thomas Parker,^6 b. July 1, 1789. Mary Wellington and Susannah Newman (twins), b. Mar. 30, 1791. Mary Wellington m. Elijah Clark. John Murray,^6 [^4] b. Apr. 29, 1793, d. June 20, 1794. Susannah Lane (widow of Oliver W.^5, m. Levi Lane. Ch. Hannah, John, Harriet, Francis.

Oliver W. Lane was interred in the Old Granary Burying Ground, Boston. Inscription on stone as follows:

“Beneath this spot reposes the mortal part of Mr. Oliver W. Lane. Jun^r., Dea’n of the Universalist church in Boston. Ob’t. Nov. 3d, 1793, aged 42 years, [*1] in whom was united the real christian, the accomplished gentleman, and unrivall’d preceptor.
Beside the parent sleeps his son
John Murray Lane, ob’t June 20th, 1794, aged 14 months.
The stock and scion sprang from the same root. [*2]
Entwined in Heaven they bear immortal fruit.”

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View of Fawn Lake and Bedford Springs.

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Springs House.

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[ house print ]
Laboratory, Bedford Springs, 1892.



  1. 1892. ∨ 1892,
  2. [[ pagination tweak ]]
  3. April 1877, ∨ April, 1877,
  4. Murray,^6 ∨ Murray^6,


  1. Ob’t.” ([ evidently ] “Obiit“): [ Latin ]: He died
  2. “stock and scion”: parent and child
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