Index and Errata



N.B.  Certain lists of names not found in this Index may be seen on the following pages: — Tax List, 1748, p. 47.  List of Pew Owners 1734. p. 53.  Foundation Members of Church, p. 55.  Pastors and Deacons, p. 55.  Purchasers of Pews in Second Meeting-house, p. 56.  Donors of Parsonage, p. 57.  College Graduates, p. 59.  High School Graduates, p. 59.  Representatives and Senators, p. 60. Treasurer’s Account of 1777, pp. 60, 61.  Donations to Ministers, pp. 61, 62.  Town Clerks and Selectmen, p. 63.  Justices of the Peace, p. 64. [^1]  Moderators of Town Meetings, p. 64.  Treasurers, p. 64.  List of Soldiers in the Wars, pp. 66 to 71.


[ “Abbott” through “Merriam” ] [*1]

[ p 48 ]

[ “Merriam” through “Wright” ] [*1]




Page 5, first paragraph, for fifty-nine read fifty-four.
Page 5, second column, for Buckley read Bulkeley.
Page 17, first paragraph, for Rev. George Piper read Rev. George F. Piper.
Page 17, tenth line from bottom, left column, for five read four.
Page 19, first paragraph, for Rev. William F. Stearns read Rev. William A. Stearns.
Epitaphs, page 82. Mary Abbott d. 1807 read 1801.
Epitaphs, page 87, line 20, for Amittai read Amelia.
Homesteads, page 94, Nathaniel 3d means third Nathaniel in possession.
Squadron south of Oakes Farm divided in 1707 instead of 1708.
Genealogical and Biographical, page 4, read Abigail Clark Bacon d. 1851 not 1857.
Genealogical and Biographical, page 4, last paragraph, for Frank read Francis Warren, as on page 59 in General History.
Genealogical and Biographical, page 23, Samuel L. Lane d. Sept. 11, 1891. [^2]
Genealogical and Biographical, page 29, read Lot m. Lucebia, not Lucretia.
Genealogical and Biographical, page 36, in family of Edwin Russell Stearns, George,^9 b. Oct. 14, 1891.



  1. Justices ∨ Justice
  2. Samuel ∨ Samnel


  1. Index entries — now redundant — not reproduced.

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