Editor’s Preface

I strive to reproduce all works as accurately as possible.


  • long inline quotes are instead presented as block quotes
  • illustrations are not replicated— only briefly described


  • text in small capitals is rendered as plain text in bold
  • superscript is rendered as plain text following a caret
  • the ligature “æ” is rendered as “ae” (and “œ” as “oe”)

Special markings used in the text:

  • *1 — represents a footnote original to the source
  • [^1] — points to the emendation with that number
  • [*1] — points to the annotation with that number
  • [??] — highlights a reference that still eludes me
  • [!!] — notes a source deserving further research

Abbreviations found in my notes:

To satisfy the reader’s curiosity, I provide links to:

… but (with rare exceptions) I do not hyperlink:

  • Boston (as a whole)— or famous cities
  • Middlesex County (or any of its towns)
  • Essex County (or any of its towns)

Material in double square brackets — i.e., material presented [[ like so ]] — is material that I have (in rare cases) inserted into the original text.

— Rand Hall

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