Boston Evening Transcript

23 June 1906: “Nasus” requests a list of American flags used “up to the time of the Betsey Ross flag“.

7 July 1906: Augustus Bedford presents a history of early American flags– including the Bedford Flag.

28 July 1906: S. M. S. writes that the Bedford Flag received mention in Preble‘s 1872 work Our flag.

4 August 1906: “Rockingham” asks what evidence exists that the Bedford Flag ever truly saw battle.

Months pass as all parties await the publication of Peleg D. Harrison’s book The stars and stripes.

16 February 1907: “Rockingham” accuses Harrison of making a variety of errors in his new work.

2 March 1907: Harrison insists that he will make several corrections in his book’s next edition.

16 March 1907: “Vericola” scoffs at the notion that the Bedford flag was carried in King Philip’s War.

23 March 1907: W. T. R. M. shares the findings of Abbott’s recent Descendants of George Abbott.

30 March 1907: “Rockingham” repeats his request for evidence that the Bedford Flag ever saw battle.

1 June 1907: The editor of “Notes and Queries” reminds readers that “tradition is not history”.

Months elapse without contributors managing to produce new information about the Bedford Flag.

28 December 1907: “Rockingham” reinvigorates discussion with an… “imaginative” hypothesis.

11 January 1908: Charles Jenks offers the history of the Flag– “as received and believed in Bedford”.

18 January 1908: “Rockingham” dismisses Jenks’ account, accusing Jenks of begging the question.

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