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Bedford history for kids
by Sharon McDonald

When I told a young friend of mine that I was writing a history of Bedford, Massachusetts, my friend asked, “Will it start before the trees grew?”

That made me think. When did Bedford truly begin?

The Bedford Flag unfurled
by Sharon McDonald

What do we really know about the flag? Where did each story about it come from? What are their original sources? How much can be proven?

I write this book to answer these persistent questions.

A Revolutionary town
by Louise K. Brown

This is the story of Bedford, Massachusetts, from the year of its founding, 1729, to its reconstruction in the aftermath of the American Revolution. It describes in intimate detail the people and events which made this town a microcosm of New England colonial society.

The Bedford sampler [2]
by The Friends of BFPL [ed.]

This is not a continuous story of Bedford from its beginnings to the present. It is simply a collection of episodes from some of its more interesting periods. It is a “sampling” of life in Bedford, past and present, with emphasis on the past.

A New England church
by Ina Mansur

Mrs. Mansur describes the growing pains of Bedford Church, its problems of membership, of individual conscience, of changes of viewpoint and attitudes during the years. […] This book is also valuable to those searching for genealogical information in the Bedford–Concord area.

Wilderness town
by Louise K. Brown

Louise Brown tells the story of Bedford, Massachusetts, from the time in 1637 when Governor Winthrop acquired the first land grant in the area which is now Bedford, to the very different days of the present.

The Bedford sampler [1]
by The Friends of BFPL [ed.]

“The Bedford Sampler” presents a variety of information about our Town, interspersed with a truly tremendous diversity of food recipes which are the favorites of our families. In truth, only a “sampler” is presented— space simply did not permit recording every item we would have liked to include.

History of Bedford
by Marie T. Johnson

As the decade of the [1960s] opens in Bedford the town stands in many ways radically different from the quiet, almost sleepy-looking community it was a mere ten years ago.

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