Contents [1/2] [ed.]

Front Matter
Frontispiece gallery, title page, dedication, and table of contents

Preface and Plan
Explanatory preface, map of early Bedford, and list of illustrations

I — Early Grants [1/2]
Land grants made to the earliest settlers of Concord and Billerica

I — Early Grants [2/2]
Purchases of land from Native Americans; Bedford’s incorporation

II — Organization
Establishing the first meeting-house and settling the first minister

III — Ecclesiastical (1/3)
The early ministries of Reverends Bowes, Sherman, and Penniman

IV — Ecclesiastical (2/3)
Reverend Stearns, the Page Fund, and the second meeting-house

V — Ecclesiastical (3/3)
The Trinitarian society, later ministries, and a new Catholic church

VI — Schools and Libraries
Bedford’s early schoolhouses and the Bedford Free Public Library

VII — Military (1/4)
Early battles with Native Americans; the French and Indian Wars

VIII — Military (2/4)
Revolutionary War– including our own “Banner of Concord Fight”

IX — Military (3/4)
Town records concerning financial cost of the Revolutionary War

X — Military (4/4)
War of 1812 and Mexican–American War; “War of the Rebellion”

XI — Financial Troubles
Depreciation of early paper money; inhuman practice of slavery

XII — Charity
Warning non-residents out of town; support for poor residents

XIII — Burial Grounds
Old Burying Ground and Shawshine Cemetery; see also: XXXIII

XIV — Highways
Early roads through town; bridges; railroads built in late 1800s

XV — Stage-Routes
Early manufacture– including shoes and hat boxes; agriculture

XVI — Watercourses
Early mills; taverns; Bedford Springs; pharmaceutical company

XVII — Miscellaneous
Fire department; alcohol and temperance; “witches” and pests

XVIII — Law Enforcement
Policing morality; Town officers; an “English right” to annuities

XIX — Noted Occasions
Anniversaries of “Concord Fight” and incorporation of Bedford

XX — Topographical
Geological and botanical studies from The Bedford book (1887)

XXI — Tax Collecting
Tax collecting; suffrage requirements; funerals; raising houses

Biographies of William R. Hayden, M.D. and Jonathan Bacon

— Rand Hall

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