Epitaphs [1/2]



Burial Grounds and Epitaphs.


[Inscriptions from head-stones in the old Burial Ground, in an abbreviated form, with notes of explanation. [*1] Alphabetical order has been partially observed, rather than chronological, for the convenience of the reader.]


The church yard, to the inhabitants of a rural parish, is the place to which, as they grow older, all their thoughts and feelings turn.

John Wilson. [*2]


The boast of heraldry, the pomp of power,
And all that beauty, all that wealth e’er gave,
Await alike the inevitable hour;
The paths of glory lead but to the grave.

Thomas Gray. [*3]


Edward Stearns Abbott, son of Mr. Moses Abbott, Jr., and Mrs. Alice, his wife, died Dec. 18, 1798, aged 22 months.

[ p 82 ]

Benjamin Abbott, son of Moses and Alice Abbott, April 29, 1795, aged 1 year 3 months.

Thrice of this cup we drank our fill,
Wormwood and gall we taste it still; [*4]
Oh! who can tell, that never felt,
What parents feel for children’s death?

In memory of Benjamin Abbott, son of Mr. Moses and Mrs. Mary, his wife, who died May 21, 1793, in the 28th year of his age.

Here lies entombed a pious youth,
Not twenty-eight years old;
In prime of life cut down by death,
No more we him behold.

Here lies buried the body of Mr. Obed Abbott, who departed this life May the 11th, 1773, in ye 77th year of his age.

John Abbott, who died in ye army at Lake George, Nov. ye 27, 1756, aged 23 years.

Here lies ye body of Mrs. Elizabeth Abbott, wife of Mr. Obed Abbott, who died May ye 29th, 1752, in ye 59th year of her age.

In memory of Mrs. Mary Abbott, wife of Mr. Moses Abbott, who died Sept. 5, 1801, aged 66 years. [^1]

Hark! from the tomb a doleful sound,
Mine ear attend the cry;
You living, all come view the ground
Where you must shortly lie.

Sacred to the memory of Capt. Moses Abbott, who died Nov. 22, 1809, aged 83 years. [^2]

In memory of Mr. Moses Abbott, Junr., died Feb. 19, 1802, aged 40 years.

Alas! alas! my husband dear,
Early cut down and slain;
But Christ is the believer’s head,
And he shall live again.

Mary Ann, wife of Lieut. Oliver Abbott, who died Dec. 26, 1825, aged 19.

The Saviour calls, and I must go,
And leave you here, my friends, below;
But soon my God will call for thee,
Prepare for death and follow me.

Mr. Abijah, son of John and Elizabeth Bacon, May 1, 1776, aged 22.

Elizabeth, daughter of John and Elizabeth Bacon, who departed this life Aug. 26, 1749, in the (?) year of her age.

John Bacon, son of John and Elizabeth Bacon, who died Aug. 30, 1749, aged 3 years.

Elbridge Bacon, Aug. 31, 1848, aged 48.

Emily Frances, daughter of Elbridge and Louisa Bacon, Dec. 31, 1838, aged 7 years.

Mrs. Ruth, wife of Reuben Bacon, Jr., July 19, 1838, aged 24.

Yet again we hope to meet thee,
When the day of life has fled;
Then in heaven with joy to greet thee,
Where no farewell tears are shed.

In memory of Mr. Octa Bacon, son of Thompson Bacon, and Mrs. Martha, his wife, July 28, 1811, aged 16 years 3 months.

Thompson Bacon, Esq., Dec. 4, 1833, aged 73 years.

Not him does death itself alarm,
On heaven his soul relies;
With joy he views his Maker‘s love.
And with composure dies.

In memory of Mrs. Martha, relict of Thompson Bacon, Esq., who died Feb. 13, 1847, aged 84 years. [*5]

Breget Bacon, daughter of Jonathan and Elizabeth, April 20, 1731, aged 25.

Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Jonathan Bacon, Dec. 16, 1738, aged 67 years.

Jonathan Bacon, Jan. 12, 1754, aged 82 years.

[He was son of Michael, proprietor of the mill on the Shawshine, had a share in the common lands of Billerica, was third layman in the foundation members of the church, assembled the first town meeting by order of the General Court, was one of the first selectmen, and a man of influence in town and church till death.]

Reuben Bacon, son of John and Elizabeth Bacon, died May 22, 1775, in the 18th year of his age.

[His young life was sacrificed at the opening of the Revolution.]

In memory of John Bacon, June 7, 1833, aged 80 years.

Hannah, wife of John Bacon, Sept. 27, 1823, aged 70.

Katherine Bacon, wife of Deacon Benjamin Bacon, July 7, 1791, aged 74 years.

Sacred to the memory of Deacon Benjamin Bacon, Oct. 1, 1791, aged 78.

Go, traveller, live to God.

In memory of Mr. Elijah Bacon, Sept. 13, 1788, aged 34 years.

In memory of Mrs. Amittai Bacon, wife of Mr. Benjamin Bacon, Oct. 10, 1806, aged 48.

Farewell, kind friends, a short farewell.
Till we shall meet again above,
In paradise, where pleasures dwell,
And kindred souls rejoice in love.

In memory of Mr. Oliver Bacon, May ye 25, 1794, aged 54.

Forbear, my friends, to weep,
Since death to me is gain;
Those Christians who in Jesus sleep
Shall with the Lord remain.

[ p 83 ]

In memory of Mrs. Sarah, widow of Mr. Oliver Bacon, Jan. 25, 1841, in her 94th year.

[She had been a member of an orthodox church seventy years.]

Children of Mr. Oliver and Mrs. Sarah Bacon. Oliver, April 17, 1787, aged 11 years. Iza, June 6, 1787, aged 8 years.

Two blooming youth cut down and fled
To regions of the silent dead.
There to remain beneath the ground
Till the last trump begins to sound.

Here lyes buried ye body of Joseph Bacon, who departed this life November ye 29th, A.D. 1747, in ye 63d year of his age.

In memory of Mrs. Rebekah Bacon, relict of Mr. Joseph Bacon, Aug. 24, 1778, aged 91 years 1 month 16 days. [*5]

Jesse Bacon, son of Mr. John and Mrs. Elizabeth Bacon, Aug. 26, 1749, aged 19 days. Elizabeth, their daughter, Feb. 15, 1754, in ye 4th year of her age; also still-born son lies at her right hand.

Here lyes buried the body of Mr. John Bacon, who departed this life May ye 26, 1760, in ye 44th year of his age.

In memory of Job Lane Bacon, son of Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Martha Bacon, Sept. 9, 1805, aged 13 months 22 days.

Warren, son of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Abigail Bacon, Jan, 28, 1822, aged 6 years and 15 days.

Emma C., daughter of Mr. Clark and Mrs. Emma C. Bacon, Aug. 16, 1833, aged 2 months and 4 days.

In memory of Sarah Bacon, daughter of Benjamin, Jr., and Martha, his wife, Sept. 17, 1799, aged 5 years.

Elizabeth, wife of Freeborn Balch of Beverly, died Jan. 31, 1736 | 7. [*6]

Lucy Billings, Oct. 28, 1838, aged 64 years.

Thomas Bowes, son of Rev. Nicholas and Mrs. Lucy Bowes, died May ye 21st, 1750, aged 2 years 11 months.

[He was choked to death with a bean.]

Here lies the body of Mary Bowman, daughter of Mr. Francis Bowman and Mrs. Sarah, his wife, who died Nov. 20, 1762.

We children of a father dear
Erected have these grave-stones here.

In memory of Mr. Joseph Brown, who died Dec. 25, 1762, aged 30 years.

Life is short and death is sure.
Sin the cause and Christ the cure.

Jb. Db. Hb. & Sb.

[Initials stand for Joseph, Desire, Hannah, and Submit Brown.]

In memory of John Brown, son of Nathaniel and Ruth Brown, Sept. 12, 1803, aged 5 years.

Sleep on, sweet babe, and take thy rest;
God called thee home when he thought best.

Sarah C., wife of John Cutting, March 3, 1848, aged 29.

Ellen, daughter of James and Hannah Clark, Jan. 26, 1833, aged 6 months.

Mr. Stephen Davis, “who rested from his labor at his labor,” July 11, 1738, aged 53 years.

[On that day he arose early, and went to his work, and not returning to his breakfast, search was made for him; when found, he was lying dead by a few short swaths of grass which he had mown in the meadow that borders on a branch of Shawshine Brook, near the line of the town of Lincoln. The spot is designated by a plain stone in the field. He was a founder of the church, and one of the first constables.]

Paul Davis, son of Josiah and Elizabeth, Jan. 9, 1763, aged 17 years.

[He died in the French and Indian War.]

Mr. Daniel Davis, Feb. 10, 1740, aged 67 years.

[He was a petitioner for the new town, a founder of the church, and one of the first selectmen.]

Mrs. Elizabeth, wife of Mr. Josiah Davis, Jan. 15, 1763, aged 41 years.

Dea. Stephen Davis, July 22, 1787, aged 71 years. Elizabeth, his wife, 1789, aged 71 years.

[Deacon Stephen was son of Stephen, was deacon of the church from 1700 till death, was a very skilful land surveyor, and a very useful and highly respected citizen.]

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Dea. Thaddeus Davis, March 26, 1807, aged 47.

Sacred to the memory of Lieut. Eleazer Davis, March 13, 1819, aged 85 years.

Mrs. Rebekah, his wife.

Martha J., daughter of Mr. Eleazer and Mrs. Martha Davis, Feb. 10, 1817, in the 9th year of her age.

Here lyes the body of Mrs. Mary Davis, wife of Mr. Eleazer Davis, who departed this life Jan. ye 28, A.D. 1763, aged 22 years 10 months 2 days. (Daughter of Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Elizabeth Davis.)

Mr. Joshua Davis, died April 29, 1746, aged 31.

Here lies ye body of Hannah Davis, daughter of Mr. Daniel and Mrs. Mary Davis, April ye 11, 1737, aged 14 years 2 months and 21 days.

Mrs. Hanna, wife of Silas Dudley, Aug. 1, 1828, aged 27.

Stop, dear friends, stop and think,
Before you further go;
Will you sport upon the brink
Of everlasting woe? [*7]

[ p 84 ]

Sacred to the memory of Supply Dean, May 25, 1826, aged 26.

Lieut. Joseph French, Nov. 26th, 1732, aged 83.

[His name heads the list of petitioners, May 1, 1728,

“for the erection of a new town to be called Bedford,”

and also stands at the head of the laymen who founded the church.]

Mr. Samuel French, Jan. 28, 1738, aged about 52 years.

Doc. John Fassett, Jan. 30th, 1736, aged 66 years.

[He was the first resident physician in the town.]

Capt. Josiah Fassett, Feb. 18, 1740, aged 53 years.

Galley Fassett, daughter of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Dorothy Fassett, Aug. 22, 1775, aged 17 years.

In memory of Capt. Joseph Fitch, Feb. ye 7, 1769, aged 67.

Here lies the body of Mrs. Sarah Fitch, wife to Mr. Joseph Fitch, Jan. 22, A.D. 1750, in ye 40th year of her age.

Erected in memory of Mr. John Fitch, May 31, 1820, aged 81.

Sacred to the memory of Mr. Matthew Fitch, Aug. 3, A.D, 1811, aged 66.

Erected in memory of Capt. Moses Fitch, Aug. 1, 1821, aged 37.

Sacred to the memory of Dea. Moses Fitch and Mrs. Rachel, his wife. Dea. Moses Fitch died Oct. 12, 1825, in the 71st year of his age. Mrs. Rachel Fitch, died May 23, 1817, in the 59th year of her age.

[He was wounded in the battle of White Plains, N.Y.]

Erected in memory of Mrs. Sally Fitch, wife of Mr. Olford Fitch, Aug. 23, 1820, aged 23.

Death with his dart has pierced my heart
When I was in my prime;
When this you see grieve not for me,
‘Twas God’s appointed time.

In memory of Jonathan Simonds Fitch, son of Mr. David and Mrs. Olive Fitch, Jan. 25, 1819, aged 4 years.

Isaac, son of Mr. David and Mrs. Olive Fitch, Feb. 13, 1825, aged 1 month 21 days.

Judge not God by feeble sense,
But trust him for his grace.
Behind a frowning providence
He has a smiling face.

In memory of Mrs. Hannah Fitch, wife of Mr. David Fitch, Jr., Dec. 22, 1805, aged 26 years 10 months 16 days.

Shall mortal man complain of Him who is most just,
When he removes our nearest friends,
And lays them in the dust?

Here lies ye body of Mr. Isaac Fitch, son of Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Miriam Fitch, who departed this life July the 24th, 1773, in ye 22d year of his age.

In memory of Isaac Fitch, son of Mr. David and Mrs. Mary Fitch, Feb. ye 6th, 1797, aged 15 years and 21 days.

The Lord reigns in the heavens,
And angels him adore;
He sends death to take young mortals off
At his appointed hour.

Mr. David Fitch, July 27, 1813, aged 70.

Mrs. Mary, wife of Mr. David Fitch, Sept. 19, 1829, aged 82 years.

Sacred to the memory of Abel Fitch, Oct. 16, 1839, aged 30. Henry Brainard, son of Abel and Nancy Fitch, July, 1839, aged 3 months.

In memory of Lydia Fitch, March 11, 1759, aged 14 years. Nathan Fitch, May 13, 1755, in ye 7th year of his age. (Children of Mr. Benjamin and Mrs. Miriam Fitch.)

In memory of Mr. Abner Foster, son of Mr. Noah and Mrs. Gracy Foster, March 6, 1828, aged 24 years.

Our friend is dead and gone to rest;
He’s left that pleasing hope behind.
That he is numbered with the just.
And drinks with angels joys refined.

Hannah P., wife of Dr. Bela Gardner, Jan. 20, 1844, aged 40 years.

Here, amid the scenes of her childhood’s home, on the spot where her footsteps loved to linger, lie the mortal remains of Rebecca W. Gleason, wife of Benjamin Gleason, of Boston, and daughter of William Maxwell, of Bedford, Dec. 10, 1846, aged 63 years.

Benjamin Gleason, Sept. 18, 1847, aged 70 years.

In memory of Mrs. Ruth Gleason, wife of Mr. Jonas Gleason, April 3, 1793, aged 46 years and 9 months.

Here in this silent cave
Lies our beloved friend,
A wife so near and mother dear,
To lie till time shall end.
And at the call of God we trust
She will arise among the just.

In memory of Mrs. Hannah Goodridge, wife of Capt. William Goodridge, Jan 20, 1819, aged 57 years.

William Hartwell, Dec. 11, 1742, in ye 72d year of his age.

[He was the second on the list of laymen who founded the church, and very active and benevolent in the formation of the town.]

[ tipped-in page ]

[ portrait photo ]
Eleazer Page Davis.

[ portrait photo ]
Samuel Davis.

[ portrait photo ]
Benjamin J. Davis.

[ house photo ]
Davis Homestead.

[ p 85 ]

Mrs. Ruth (wid. of William Hartwell), Feb. 7, 1752, in ye 77th year of her age.

Mr. Stephen Hartwell, July 12, 1792, aged 76 years.

A span is all we can boast,
An inch or two of time.

Naomi S., wife of Joseph Hartwell, 3d, May 5, 1840, aged 33 years.

Afflictions sore long time I bore,
Physicians were in vain,
Till God did please and death did seize,
To ease me of my pain.

Mr. Benjamin Hutchinson, March 13, 1780, aged 80 years. Sarah, his wife, April 12, 1767, aged 66 years.

John, son of Benjamin and Sarah Hutchinson, Sept. 1, 1749, aged 13 years.

Mr. Benjamin Hutchinson, March 5, 1815, aged 91 years.

Glory with all her lamps shall burn,
To watch the Christian’s sleeping clay,
Till the last trumpet rouse his urn
To aid the triumphs of that day.

Mrs. Rebecca, his wife, May 24, 1814, aged 91 years.

Miss Susannah, their daughter, June 4, 1815, aged 61 years.

Mary Hayward, Jan. 29, 1865, aged 74 years.

Castalio Hosmer, Oct. 29, 1869, aged 83 years.

Ruth, his wife, Aug. 13, 1849, aged 67 years.

Sarah Hosmer, obt. March 18, 1820, aged 8 years 3 months. [*8]

‘Tis done, her soul to heaven has fled,
And she is numbered with the dead.
Her sorrows, pain, and grief are o’er,
And she from friends will part no more.

Mr. William Hartwell, May, 8, 1819, in the 49th year of his age.

Stop, friends, and drop a tear,
Here lies a friend and partner dear;
God called him to his home,
And laid him silent in the tomb.

In memory of Mrs. Mary, widow of William Hartwell, Jan. 4, 1854, aged 71.

Weep not for her whose troubles now are past,
Whose day of sorrow, pain, and death is o’er.
Whose spirit, freed from every bond at last,
Has found its home where death can come no more.

Mrs. Joanna, wife of Mr. William Hartwell, Oct. 30, 1808, aged 39.

Ye mourners, weep no more for me,
For I am gone to eternity.
My flesh shall rest beneath the ground
Till the last trumpet’s joyful sound.

In memory of Mr. Caldwell F. Hindman, of Boston, Nov. 22, 1835, aged 31.

[The first white stone erected in the yard.]

Erected to the memory of Anna P. Hindman, widow of Caldwell F. Hindman, Dec. 3, 1872, aged 82 years 7 months.

In memory of Mrs. Susanna Hill, wife of Mr. Josiah Hill, Feb. 15, 1818, aged 50 years.

The grave of all the saints he blessed,
And softened every bed;
Where should the dying members rest
But with the dying head?

Lucy Hill, daughter of Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Susanna Hill, Sept. 25, 1807, aged 5 years.

Lucy Hill, July 30, 1801, aged 7 months 19 days.

In memory of Miss Lydia Hartwell, daughter of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jemima Hartwell, Feb. 13, 1788, aged 30 years.

Friends nor physicians could not save
My mortal body from the grave;
Nor can the grave confine me here
When Christ the Son of God appear.

Mr. Joseph Hartwell, July 7, 1792, aged 69.

Present, useful; absent, wanted;
Lived desired, and died lamented.

Mrs. Jemima, wife of Mr. Joseph Hartwell, July 13, 1786, aged 56.

The tears must fall,
The tender sigh must rise,
But hope, on virtue built,
Shall reach the skies.

Joseph, son of Mr. Joseph and Mrs. Jemima Hartwell, Sept. 28, 1753, aged 1 year 4 months.

Mr. John Hartwell, Nov. 16, A.D. 1746, in ye 74th year of his age.

Mrs. Deborah, wife to Mr. John Hartwell, who departed this life June 14, 1744, in the 68th year of her age.

Mrs. Desire, widow of Mr. Samuel Hartwell, Aug. 30, 1824, aged 68 years 2 months.

Mr. Samuel Hartwell, who died April 2, 1823, aged 67 years.

The happy soul who conquers sin
Shall everlasting glory win;
Shall see the end of care and pain,
And with the King of Glory reign.

Rebekah Heartwell, wife of Mr. Stephen Heartwell, Aug. 13, A.D. 1790, aged 79 years.

Jesus, in thy sweet arms I trust,
Now shall I safely sleep;
My body falling to the dust,
I leave with thee to keep.

[ p 86 ]

Children and friends, all that pass by,
Stop, think are you prepared to die;
If you have tasted heavenly love,
You need not fear the lonely grave.

Mrs. Abigail Hartwell, May 30, 1733, in ye 38th year of her age.

Joseph Hartwell, Aug. 3, 1840, aged 78 years. Elizabeth, widow of Joseph Hartwell, Aug. 16, 1845, aged 78.

Rachel, wife of Stephen Haynes, Sept. 19, 1847, aged 31.

Horatio Nelson Haynes, Feb. 23, 1847, aged 27.

John Isaac Jones, July 13, 1814, aged 18.

Death is a debt to nature due;
I’ve paid that debt, and so must you.

Timothy Jones, Esq., June 1, 1804, aged 55.

The sweet remembrance of the just
Shall flourish when they sleep in dust.

Mrs. Rebekah, wife of Timothy Jones, Esq., Aug. 13, 1807, aged 58.

Friends and physicians could not save
My mortal body from the grave.

Susanna P. Jones, wife of Mr. Timothy Jones, June 26, 1820, aged 34.

Timothy, son of Mr. Timothy and Mrs. Susanna Jones, Feb. 23, 1821, aged 14 years.

Like roses cropt before their bloom,
He’s carried to the silent tomb. [*9]

Isaac, son of Capt. Timothy Jones and Mrs. Rebekah, his wife, Jan. ye 27, 1788, aged 6 years and 1 month.

Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Benjamin Kidder, July 5, 1752, aged 48 years.

Mrs. Katherine, wife of Col. John Lane, April 1, 1731, aged 39 years.

[The oldest tombstone is believed to be that of Mrs. Katherine Lane. She was daughter of Samuel Whiting, of Billerica.]

Col. John Lane, Sept. 23, 1763, aged 72.

While I lye buried deep in dust,
My flesh shall be thy care;
These withering limbs with thee I trust,
To raise them strong and fair.

[He was grandson of Job, who had the Winthrop farm.]

Mrs. Hannah, widow of Col. John Lane, April 22, 1769, aged 73.

Mr. Job Lane, Sept. 19, 1744, aged 77 years.

[He was founder of the second Lane family in Bedford, and came to this locality about 1700.]

Mrs. Mary, widow of Job Lane, Sept. 7, 1746. aged 65 years.

Samuel, son of Job and Mary Lane, Nov. 25, 1736, aged 21 years. [^3]

Dea. Job Lane, Aug. 9, 1762, aged 73 years.

[He was deacon of the church from Feb. 9, 1738, till death; he was a son of Col. John.]

Martha, his wife, Sept. 14, 1740, aged 49 years.

[First wife of Dea. Job.]

Capt. James Lane, April 11, 1783, aged 87 years.

Death, steady to his purpose from ye womb,
Pursues till we are driven to the tomb.
O reader, wisely lay this thought to heart,
And seek an interest in the better part;
Then when you close in death your mortal eyes,
Your soul may rise and reign above the skies.

[Son of Col. John.]

Ruth (Bowman), wife of Mr. John Lane, Aug. 13, 1759, aged 35 years.

Mr. John Lane, Dec. 7, 1789, aged 69 years.

A span is all that we can boast,
An inch or two of time;
Man is but vanity and dust,
In all his flower and prime.
My days are spent, my race is run;
Remember me, though dead and gone,
Cease my beloved to complain,
My sleeping dust shall rise again.

Mrs. Martha, first wife of Capt. James Lane, July 3, A.D. 1762, aged 64.

Mrs. Chary (Wellington), second wife of Capt. James Lane, Dec. 16, 1764, aged 70 years.

Mrs. Abigail (Farmer), third wife of Capt. James Lane, Feb. 25, 1773, aged 77 years.

Mrs. Abigail, late and fourth wife of Capt. James Lane, formerly the wife of Lieut. John Merriam, Nov. 5, 1793, aged 83 years.

David Lane, A.M., son of James and Martha Lane, who deceased abroad, Sept. 29, A.D. 1750, in ye 23d year of his age.

[Shattuck says he died in the French war, in 1753.] [*10]

Mr. Samuel Lane, Jan. 26, 1780, aged 65 years.

Simple manners, a charitable temper. Industry and uprightness were adorned by a Christian profession and practice, and inspired an humble hope of a happy immortality.

The memory of the just is blessed. [*11]

Eliab B. Lane, Jan. 9, 1853, aged 73 years.

Hear instruction and be wise. [*12]

Anna, wife of Eliab B. Lane, May 30, 1844, aged 67.

Now, therefore, hearken unto me, O ye children;
For blessed are they that keep my ways. [*13]

[ p 87 ]

Mr. Luke Lane, Aug. 27, 1801, aged 33.

Luke Lane, Feb. 15, 1850, aged 58.

Mr. James Lane, Oct. 20, 1836, aged 83.

Mrs. Molly, relict of Mr. James Lane, Feb. 16, 1848, aged 96 years and 8 months. [*5]

Mr. James Lane, Jan. 4, 1799, aged 73.

Mr. Solomon Lane, Feb. 1, 1837, aged 80.

Ah! warm affection cannot save
From pain and sickness and the grave;
But power divine our soul shall raise,
In endless life God’s love to praise.

Mrs. Sarah, wife of Mr. Solomon Lane, Aug. 13, 1825, aged 69.

Draw near, my friends, and take a thought,
How soon the grave must be your lot;
Make sure of Christ while life remain,
And death shall be your eternal gain.

Mr. Josiah S. Lane, Sept. 21, 1815, aged 28 years.

Josiah S., only child of Mr. Josiah and Mrs. Amelia Lane, Sept. 22, 1815, aged 21 months. [^4]

They’ve fought the fight, their race is run.
Their joys in heaven are now begun;
Their tears are gone, their sorrows flee.
No more afflicted now like me.

Miss Sally Lane, Nov. 7, 1854, aged 65.

Mrs. Hannah, wife of Mr. Samuel Lane, died Sept. 29, 1796, aged 57 years.

Retire, my friends, dry up your tears,
Here I must lie till Christ appears.

Solomon Lane, March 23, 1812, aged 56 years.

Mr. Timothy Lane, Dec. 3, 1793, aged 72 years.

Mrs. Lydia, relict of Mr. Timothy Lane, Aug. 31, 1801, aged 72 years. [*5]

Mr. Isaac Lane, Nov. 24, 1803, aged 37 years.

Mr. Job, son of Mr. David and Mrs. Molly Lane, Nov. 15, 1814, aged 26 years.

Mrs. Molly, wife of Mr. David Lane, Dec. 12, 1820, aged 50 years 6 months.

Farewell, my friends, I sleep in dust,
Till the last trump awakes the just;
Therefore retire, and cease your tears,
Prepare to meet when Christ appears.

Mr. David Lane, Sept. 10, 1842, aged 83 years.

Mrs. Phebe, wife of Mr. David Lane, July 8, 1838, aged 65 years.

David Lane, Jr., Jan. 19, 1853, aged 56 years.

James Lane, Dec. 17, 1859, aged 60 years.

Here lies ye body of Benjamin, son of Dea. Job and Mrs. Martha Lane, Jan. 25. 1754, in the 25th year of his age.

Mr. Jonathan Lane, March 4, 1808, aged 44 years.

Roger Lane, first son of Mr. John and Mrs. Ruhamah Lane, Nov. 16, 1794, aged 16 months.

Abner, son of Mr. John and Mrs. Ruhamah Lane, Aug. 9, 1826, aged 21 years.

Gracy Foster, daughter of Mr. John and Mrs. Ruhamah Lane, Nov. 16, 1806, aged 30 years.

Mr. John Lane, Feb. 22, 1808, aged 62 years.

Mrs. Ruhamah, his wife, April 30, 1817, aged 63 years.

Mrs. Ruth, wife of Mr. Samuel Lane, Oct. 21, 1772, aged 32 years.

Myra, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah Lane, May 2, 1801, aged 5 months.

Rollin, son of Jonathan and Hannah Lane, Jan. 9, 1800, aged 4 years.

Elizabeth, daughter of Jonathan and Hannah Lane, Jan. 15, 1800, aged 7 months.

Josiah Lane, son of John and Sarah, March 5, 1762.

In memory of Galen, son of Mr. Eliab and Mrs. Anna Lane, Nov. 21, 1811, aged 7 months.

Ruhamah, daughter of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Ruhamah Lane, April 10, 1817.

Jonathan A., son of Mr. Jonathan and Mrs. Ruhamah Lane, Aug. 24, 1820.

Three children of Mr. Solomon Lane:

Josiah, April 8, 1787.

Enoch, Oct. 11, 1799.

Abigail French, July 17, 1800.



  1. 1801, ∨ 1807, [*14]
  2. memory ∨ momory
  3. 1736, ∨ 1736.
  4. Amelia ∨ Amitia [*14]


  1. “the old Burial Ground”: the Old Burying Ground: 7 Springs Road
  2. cf. Nason’s History of the town of Dunstable (1877) p 228
    NB: This quotation originates with Wilson’s “The elder’s funeral”.
    cf. Lights and shadows of Scottish life (1822) p 155 [ no scan ]
  3. cf. Gray’s “Elegy written in a country churchyard” (1751)
  4. “wormwood and gall”: bitterness
  5. “relict”: widow
  6. Dual dating ended with the Calendar Act.
  7. “sport”: make merry
  8. “obt.” (i.e., “obiit”): [ Latin ]: died
  9. “cropt” (i.e., “cropped”): beheaded
  10. cf. Shattuck’s History of the town of Concord (1835) p 271
  11. cf. KJV’s Proverbs 10:7
  12. cf. KJV’s Proverbs 8:33
  13. cf. KJV’s Proverbs 8:32
  14. cf. (in this volume) Appendix

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