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FLINT. The name has never been common in Bedford. Those who have settled here, as far as known, descended from Hon. Thomas, who came to Concord, in 1638, from Matlock, Derbyshire, Eng.

“He brought with him £4,000 sterling. He possessed wealth, talents, and a Christian character. He represented the town four years, from 1638 to 1641, and was an assistant eleven years, 1642 to 1653. In 1640 he was allowed to perform the marriage service in the towns of Concord and Sudbury. He accom-

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Homestead of Jonathan Bacon, Erected by Him A.D. 1837.

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panied the Apostle Eliot in his visits to the Indian settlements on the Merrimac River and vicinity. He settled in Concord about half a mile north of the Old North Bridge. The house was built very near the Concord River, on a slight rise of land. It is said that he selected the spot because of its resemblance to the location which he left in England, near the Darwent River.” [*1]

He d. Oct. 8, 1653, aged 50 years. His will is the first recorded in Middlesex County Probate Records.

Abel and Edward, probably of the sixth generation, were attracted to Bedford by the shoe business. Abel m. Susan Bowers. He d. 1863; she d. 1887. Ch. Charles Lucius, b. Aug. 5, 1832, m. Aug. 3, 1863, Lucy A. Dutton. Edward m. 1831, Sarah Bacon. He d. Mar. 14, 1873; she d. Sept. 13, 1875. Ch. Sarah Caroline, b. Mar. 16, 1833, m. I. P. Libby, d. Aug. 25, 186S, had son Frank P.

Sarah J. b. in Shrewsbury, Aug. 14, 1848, is of the seventh generation. The line is Thomas, John, Thomas, John, Joel, Henry Harrison, Sarah J. She came to Bedford in 1872, as a teacher in the grammar school, m. Oct. 11, 1877, Abram English Brown.

Rev. Franklin C. of the seventh generation, brother of the above, d. at Shrewsbury, Mar. 23, 1876, leaving family genealogy in process of completion. His three daughters were later associated with this town. They are Cyrene Louise, a teacher, who prepared the pen sketches for this volume. Genevieve Sarah, a teacher, and Marion Lenore.

(For French, see Homesteads.) [^1][*2]

FROST, William F. son of Benjamin, b. July 26, 1818, is of the fifth generation from James of Billerica (who was b. 1640), m. Rebecca Cutler. She d. April 30, 1864. He m. 2d, Angie P. Watts, and d. May 25, 1886. Had 4 ch. 3 are living, William F., Lucy J. and Frank.

GILLOOLY, Bryan, settled on Reuben Bacon homestead in 1878, m. at Boston, Oct. 19, 1852, Margaret Doyel. She d. Feb. 5, 1889. Ch. Mary, b. July 19, 1853, m. Nov. 24, 1882, William McLaughlin, d. Nov. 17, 1884. Lizzie, b. Dec. 1, 1854. John, b. June 9, 1856, m. Nov. 1, 1886, Nellie Vaughan. Ch. Bernard Vaughan and John Arthur. Peter T. b. Jan. 19, 1858, m. June 22, 1887, Nellie Gilbert. James H. b. Nov. 10, 1859. Katie F. b. Feb. 12, 1862, m. July 3, 1881, Denis Whalen. Margaret Anne, b. Nov. 17, 1863, m. Nov. 17, 1886, Oscar Needham. Nellie A. b. Oct. 12, 1865. Susan Alice, b. July 30, 186S. Clara, b. Jan. 29, 1871. Agnes B. b. June 25, 1874, d. Nov. 29, 1874.

GLEASON, Jonas, was an early proprietor of the Vine Brook Mill. He m. Ruth Wilson, who d. April, 1793; m. 2d, Abigail Danforth, who d. Sept. 1815. He d. Feb. 1815. They had 7 ch.


The founder of the present Gleason family was Lewis Putnam. He was a representative of the fourth generation in the country. The first is not known, the second was Elisha, and the third John Augustus, b. at Pomfret, Conn., June 24, 1770.

John Augustus,^3 m. May 12, 1799, Elizabeth Waldo, dau. of Samuel Waldo and Molly, dau. of Gen. Israel Putnam (“Old Put.”) He d. July 11, 1842; she d. July 14, 1846. Ch. h Lewis Putnam,^4 b. at Pomfret, Conn. Feb. 28, 1800. Caroline, b. Feb. 5, 1804, m. Daniel Clark of Arlington. Mary Waldo, b. Aug. 15, 1807, m. William Webber. Elizabeth, b. Aug. 22, 1810, m. David Clark of Arlington.

Lewis Putnam,^4 m. Mar. 3, 1826, Sophronia Butler who d. Jan. 6, 1827; m. 2d, Oct. 2, 1827, Lucy Butler, who d. Oct. 30, 1846; m. 3d, Oct. 20, 1847, Susan Davis. He d.

Jan. 22, 1885. Ch. Caroline, b. and d. 1827. h Henry Augustus, b. Jan. 6, 1829. h Charles Edwin, b. April 18, 1830. Caroline Maria, b. June 10, 1832, d. Jan. 27, 1833. Elizabeth Frances and h John Francis, twins, b. May 23, 1835; Elizabeth m. Marcus B. Webber. Lewis Putnam^5 and Alfred Waldo, d. young. Lewis Putnam,^5 b. June 1, 1839, d. July 27, 1872. Lucy Caroline, d. young.

Lewis Putnam Gleason^4 early learned the trade of a shoemaker. At the age of twenty-one years he set out from his home on foot, carrying his possessions with him, intending to walk to the state of Maine to pay a visit to his Grandmother Waldo. On reaching Bedford he found employment at his trade, and entered the service of Benjamin Simonds, an extensive shoe manufacturer. In this brave and resolute young man family history seems to repeat itself. He started from the same point and followed the same route, as far as Concord, that his great-grandfather, Israel Putnam, had travelled forty-six years before, when his military spirit, aroused by the news of the attack by the British at Lexington and Concord, led him to mount his horse and gallop to the relief of the Provincials. The manner in which this young man grappled with the stern realities of life was befitting a descendant of that gallant general and leader in the Continental army. He followed the business of a shoemaker until his death. A window to his memory is seen in the meeting-house where he worshipped. [*3]

Henry Augustus,^5 son of Lewis P., shoemaker, deacon of Woburn church and later of Bedford church, m. Mar. 11, 1852, Sarah A. Webber. She d. Dec. 23, 1876. Ch. h Frank Waldo,^6 b. Mar. 25, 1853, m. June 3, 1885, Mary Isabel Wood of Worcester; [^2] have Jennie Frances, b. Dec. 7, 1886, Waldo Wood,^7 b. June 8, 1890. Alfred Webber,^6 b. Nov. 30, 1856, m. Oct. 19, 1887, Nelly G. Bonney. Mary Wilder, b. Jan. 25, 1857, m. June 1, 1857, Edward G. Pierce. Herbert Lewis,^6 b. Sept. 15, 1861. Henry Walter,^6 b. Jan. 29, 1866, m. Sept. 25, 1886, Eda M. Titus; ch. Harold A. b. June 25, 1887, and Raymond C. b. July 6, 1891. Herman Page,^6 b. Jan. 9, 1871.

Charles Edwin,^5 son of Lewis P., deacon of Medford church, m. April 12, 1860, Caroline F. Munroe. Ch. Charles Munroe, b. April 22, 1861, m. Dec. 15, 1886, Mary E. Withington of Medford; have Marie Withington, b. July 5, 1890. Alice Stearns, b. Sept. 11, 1863. Edith Clifford, b. Nov. 1, 1867. Carrie Lillian, b. Feb. 10, 1880.

John Francis,^5 son of Lewis P.^4 m. Sept. 18, 1861, Olive M. Jeffords. Ch. Edwin Putnam,^6 b. May 3, 1866.

John Francis Gleason^5 followed the business of a shoemaker when young. He early manifested a literary taste, which was gratified as fast as personal effort would admit. He taught school during his preparation for Amherst College, where he took a partial course. He left college, and entered the Union army; was later employed in the Treasury department at Washington, in which city he pursued the study of theology. He was settled as pastor at Williamsburg, Mass. It was during his pastorate in that town that the Mill River disaster occurred, in which one hundred and twenty of his parish were lost, and he with his family had a narrow escape. He was later pastor at Norfolk, Conn., and Needham, Mass.

GOODWIN, Uriah^1 (generation uncertain), m. Mary Cummings. Ch. h Uriah,^2 b. June 9, 1789. Mary, b. June 26, 1791, m. John B. Wilson. Timothy,^2 b. Aug. 3, 1793. Susan, b. Aug. 18, 1796, m. Daniel Butters, d. Sept. 29,

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1848. Thomas,^2 b. Aug. 5, 1798, d. Feb. 23, 1852. Sally, b. June 7, 1800, d. Feb. 25, 1845. Anna, b. Dec. 10, 1803, m. Benjamin Russell. Stephen,^2 b. April 17, 1806. d. July 1, 1868.

Uriah,^2 m. April 1, 1813, Nancy Hood of Amherst, N.H. He d. Mar. 19, 1859; she d. Mar. 11, 1860. Ch. h William,^3 b. May 7, 1814. h Henry,^3 b. Jan. 19, 1816. Thomas,^3 b. June 30, 1818. h Joseph H.^3 b. Feb. 6, 1820.

William,^3 m. May 26, 1836, Eliza J. Cutler of Burlington. He. d. July 29, 1872. [^3] Ch. William E.^4 d. in infancy. William N.^4 d. in infancy. Ann Eliza, b. 1840. William W.^4 b. 1846. Herbert N.^4 d. young.

Henry,^3 m. Sept. 20. 1838, Sarah E. Lane. He d. Dec. 27, 1885; she d. Dec. 2, 1890. Ch. h Henry Oliver,^4 b. June 25, 1839. Frank W.^4 b. July 4, 1841, m. Dec. 26, 1868, Sarah E. Roberts, who d. April 24, 1890. He is a merchant in New York City, and a generous friend of his native town. Charles W.^4 b. Sept. 4, 1843. (See Gen. History, p. 70.) h Joseph A.^4 b. Oct. 31, 1845. h George E.^4 b. April 13, 1847. Katherine E. b. May 28, 1857.

Joseph H.^3 m. June 2, 1842, Adaline D. M. Gragg, who d. June 29, 1844; m. 2d, Oct. 5, 1845, Catherine A. Lane.^5 Ch. 2 infant sons. Ann Catherine, b. and d. 1846. Mary Adaline, b. Jan. 21, 1851, m. Charles Lowe. Joseph Franklin,^4 d. young. Abbie Josephine, b. Jan. 20, 1855, m. Daniel E. Haynes. Harry Ellsworth,^4 b. June 27, 1866, d. Feb. 2, 1876.

Henry Oliver,^4 m. July 5, 1860, Harriet Paine. Ch. Charles H. b. Sept. 18, 1861, d. Oct. 20, 1881. Herbert W.^5 b. Oct. 17, 1866, m. June l, 1887, Carrie A. M. Carter, have Charles H. W.^6 b. Dec. 11, 1888. George W.^5 b. April 2, 1869, m. Nov. 12, 1889, Belle C. Foss, have Guy L.^6 b. Dec. 18, 1890.

Joseph A.^4 m. 1876, Emma F. Ashby. Ch. George A., b. Jan. 4, 1878. Frank A.^5 b. Dec. 31, 1882.

George E.^4 m. Aug. 1874, Mary Richardson of Burlington, who d. Dec. 9, 1889; m. 2d, Feb. 12, 1891, Mrs. Melvina M. Shedd. Ch. Chester E.^5 b. Feb. 18, 1877. Frank.^5 Howard A.^5 b. Dec. 25, 1880. Darrell W.^5 b. May 21, 1882.

GRAGG. The family appears early in Groton, and later in Boston, from which city they came to Bedford.

Oliver occupied the Joseph Hartwell farm for a while. Had 2 ch. settled here, Charles O. and Josiah Q.

Charles O. b. Sept. 11, 1799, m. Nov. 15, 1821, Eliot Reed. He d. June 4, 1874; she d. Mar. 26, 1879. Ch. Caroline E. b. Sept. 25, 1822, m. Isaac Blanchard; m. 2d, George Baker, d. June 25, 1881. Lucy A. b. June 20, 1824, m. Silas Hollis, d. June 8, 1847. Charles, Jr. d. an infant. Charles C. b. Feb. 2, 1827, m. Nov. 1, 1854, Sarah A. Hartwell of Littleton. Sarah Alice, b. Oct. 22, 1828, m. Albert T. Bacon. Helen M. b. May 29, 1831, m. Amos Hill. Emily C. b. May 31, 1833, m. William Brimblecom; m. 2d, —— Moseley. William H. and Mary Josephine, d. young. Mary Josephine, b June 29, 1842, m. Charles Moseley, d. Dec. 25, 1873. Harriet A. b. 1845, m. Edward Gerry, d. Oct. 17, 1880. Edward P. b. Oct. 10, 1847, d. Feb. I1, 1868.

Josiah Q., depot master at Bedford for several years, m. Mary Morris of Boston.

Jacob, of Groton, later of Boston, settled in this town. He d. 1845; 1st wife died in Boston. He m. 2d, Deborah Shipley of Groton. Ch. Sally, m. —— Harris. Harriet, m. Richard Blinn; m. 2d, Oliver W. Lane. Mary A. m.

David Townsend. John. Louisa, m. Justus P. Hastings. Frank. William. Adaline, m. Joseph H. Goodwin.

HARTFORD, Dudley, son of Daniel and Harriet (Brown), b. in Billerica, 1840, m. Emma Woodward, settled in Bedford, June, 1879; florist, selectman and assessor in 1891.



  1. [ line added ] [*4]
  2. 1885, ∨ L885,
  3. He d. ∨ He. d.


  1. cf. (to some extent) Shattuck’s History of the town of Concord (1835) p 371
    NB: This is the longest quotation for which I have no satisfactory source. [??]
  2. cf. (in this work) p 105
  3. “the meeting-house”: now First Church of Christ: 25 Great Road
  4. This line in fact appears at the end of the (preceding) Fitch section;
    alphabetically, it should appear here (in lieu of a “French” section).
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