S. M. S. (1906)

5482. [^1]

The replies about the American flag under this number have been interesting.

The “Bedford flag” or flag for the three county troops of Middlesex, which was carried at Concord, April 19, 1775, is now in the rooms of the Bedford Library. [*1][*2]

Preble, in his “History of the American Flag,”, mentions, on page 123, this flag and has an illustration which somewhat resembles the “Bedford flag.” [*3]

I should like to know whether that illustration was from any known copy of the Three Troop flag, or was merely a sketch suggested by the description which follows on page 124. [*4][*5]

S. M. S.


  • “Notes and queries” answer, signed “S. M. S.” (1906) [ no scan ]
    in The Boston evening transcript (28 July) p 24


  1. [ paragraph break ]



  1. The two flags are not the same flag.
    cf. Jenks’ “Notes and queries” answer (1908) [ no scan ]
    in The Boston evening transcript (11 January) Part Three: p 7
  2. The Bedford Flag “remained in the basement of the Town Hall”. (BFU) p 86
    Now known as Old Town Hall: 16 South Road
  3. cf. Preble’s Our flag: origin and progress (1872) pp 123-124
  4. “Three Troop”: [ an error for ] Three County Troop
  5. cf. Whitmore’s “The standard of the Three County Troop” (1871)
    in The New England HG register: Volume XXV (pp 138-140)
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