“Vericola” (1907)

5482. [^1]

I have been interested in the discussion of the evolution of the American flag in this column, but am disappointed at the failure of the author of the new work on the flag to squarely meet “Rockingham’s” challenge of the correctness of some of the statements in that work. [*1]

[ . . . ]

The assertion that under the folds of the “historic Bedford flag,” alleged to have been carried in two wars, one hundred years apart, “the soldiers of three counties took part in the war against King Philip, in 1676,” bears a curious notion of the methods of fighting Indians in those days, when militiamen had quite enough to do in the trackless forest and the treacherous swamp, without toting about standards, historic or otherwise. [*2]



  • “Notes and queries” answer, signed “Vericola” (1907) [excerpt] [ no scan ]
    in The Boston evening transcript (16 March) Part Two: p 5


  1. [ paragraph break ]


  1. “the author”: Peleg D. Harrison
  2. cf. Harrison’s The stars and stripes and other American flags (1906) pp 15-16 [ no scan ]
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